Joshua Becker
Josh represents franchise clients in developing and revamping franchise programs, drafting Franchise Disclosure Documents, franchise, license, and development agreements and counseling franchisors with regard to the franchise sales process and regulatory compliance. He also advises franchisors with regard to all aspects of the franchise relationship, including operational compliance, enforcing system standards, default, termination, renewal, workouts, transfers, debt restructuring, acquisition of franchised outlets, sale of company-operated outlets and the sale of franchise systems. Josh prepares a broad range of agreements for franchisors, including asset purchase agreements, license agreements, assignment agreements, workout agreements, confidentiality agreements, promissory notes, fee deferral and/or abatement agreements, guarantees, termination agreements and renewal agreements. My Profile on Google+

Franchising Sees Greater than Average Economic Growth

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A recent Business Journal article (attached below) noted that franchise growth continues to outpace the rest of the economy. The article highlights a recent study by the International Franchise Association (“IFA”) revealing that the number of franchise businesses grew 2.2% between September 2011 and September 2012–the biggest industry gain since December 2007. The IFA forecasts continued growth through 2012 as its 2012 Third Quarter Franchise Business Economic Outlook anticipates that the number of franchise establishments in...

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Franchising in 2012- FTC Modifies Three Franchise Rule Exemptions to Reflect Consumer Price Index Adjustments

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The Federal Trade Commission announced today  it is amending the July 1, 2008 Franchise Rule to increase the monetary thresholds used to determine when the sale of a franchise business is exempt from the disclosure obligations outlined in the Franchise Rule.  The monetary threshold amendment to the Franchise Rule  was based on the Franchise Rule’s requirement that the FTC adjust the thresholds every four years based on the Consumer Price Index. The 2008 amendments to the Rule provide three exemptions based on a monetary threshold. The...

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Arizona’s Emerging Technology Sector

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Arizona is taking significant steps to become an active participant in several growing technology sectors.  The recent commitment of Arizona lawmakers to high profile efforts to attract global technology leaders to the desert should give Arizona business owners and entrepreneurs confidence to look for new opportunities to expand their business. Recent results speak for themselves. Arizona was one of the two finalists for Apple’s new campus.  Biotechnology companies are coalescing around the Translational Genomics Research Institute...

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5 Questions to Ask an Aspiring Franchisor

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Your client built a successful business and wants to franchise it. They come to you asking for information concerning the process.  You should ask several pertinent questions to confirm they are aware of complex regulatory issues surrounding the industry and have a plan to develop their business into a marketable franchise system. 1) Is your business truly a franchise? The Federal Trade Commission defines a franchise as a commercial business involving: (1) promise to provide a trademark or other commercial symbol; (2) promise to exercise...

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